Mission – Prototype!

I have finally finished my prototype AND also came up with a name for my documentary! I am delighted to announce Deep Skin – Lisa’s Story ! This prototype is solely based on Lisa’s story as I thought that would be enough to show for people to get an understanding of what my project is all about!

I wanted to ensure I had a good story throughout this short piece so it made sense to the viewers watching. I didn’t include all of Lisa’s interview because that would have made it far too long and it’ll be something new to watch from Lisa in the final documentary! I included plenty of cut aways which while filming thought to myself – I’ll never need it! Turns out, I did! This was a huge lesson for me. You can never have too much footage because a shot you think might work as a cut away doesn’t look as good when it’s put in with the rest of the footage.

I found that the old footage I got from the VHS tapes was an amazing additive to the film. It added the personal touch and I feel like this will be the link for people to connect with Lisa and is what I plan to do for the other interviews too!

Now to complete my prototype overview document, the joys!


Interview – Complete!

Today’s interview went great and thankfully all of the equipment worked without any problems! When setting up the interview I wanted to make sure there was plenty of natural light in the room because light has been my enemy in the last few interviews I have done! Lisa was well able to answer all of the questions and add more information that really added to the story. One of the most amazing things that came out of today was the letters that her Dad used to send her. I could have never planned for this amazing additive to the documentary but she had so many things that she held onto over the years that it was really touching to see in real life having heard her story but also to film!


I have just finished importing all of the footage into Final Cut Pro. Lisa gave me some old VHS tapes with footage of her Dad and her when she was younger so I plan on starting the long process of going through the tapes tomorrow!

Getting interview ready!


I got back in touch with Lisa to see if she was available to do another interview for my prototype, thankfully she was! So, tomorrow morning I will be heading around to Lisa’s house to conduct the interview. I asked would it be ok to interview her in her own house because I feel like it’s nice to see people in their own comfort where I know they’ll be relaxed.

I wanted to have a few interview questions ready so earlier on today I came up with a short list of questions I thought would give a good insight into Lisa’s tattoo and also her relationship with her dad. I wanted to know how she managed to cope with her fathers death at such a young age? I wanted to know if she thought things would have been different if societal views were different back then surrounding depression and suicide.

Now to pack up all the equipment and make sure I have everything ready to head off in the morning!