Creating a trailer to get people excited!

As part of another module, I had to create an enhancement video in After Effects that could co-inside with my final year project. Seen as I am creating a documentary film it seemed only right that I create a trailer for the film.

I had originally made a plan to record and create a short video about the preparation of getting a tattoo but things didn’t go to plan and so my ideas changed and moved in a different direction.

I had to look up a range of different AE tutorials online to see if I could find certain effects that would work well with my theme and video. Then I remembered the Ink in Water shots I had gotten a few weeks ago and thought that could look pretty cool in a trailer and worked from there along the ink theme!

I posted this trailer on my social media account and got an amazing response which is exactly what I was looking for! I want people to be excited to see this. I want people to want to watch it because I feel like these are stories that need to be heard and that could make an impression on someone!

Here’s the trailer so you might as well have a look! 🙂



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