Creating a landing page!

A few weeks back I had a discussion with my supervisor about creating a landing page where people could visit to watch the documentary rather than just playing it from youtube or vimeo etc. I had a look at a range of different hosting websites such as squarespace, wix and of course, wordpress! I initially wanted to go with squarespace but then I seen the price of it! Now I’m not a mean person but for something that isn’t the main focus of my project, spending a mad amount of money on it is just something that is not in my price-range! So wordpress it was!

I wanted to had a little write-up as to what the documentary was about before people watched it along with the actual video itself! I also wanted to have an ‘About’ section where people could read more about each persons story if they wanted to know more. And then I just added a simple ‘Contact’ page where people can get in contact with me should they have any questions regarding the project!

You can visit the website at !


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