Getting My Head Around It!

So I have majority of the footage, I have the software to put it together now all I have to do is actually put it together! Sounds so simple because as a 4th year student this should come completely natural to me but I hit a wall yesterday. I sat at my laptop with Adobe Premiere Pro open all day and could not figure out how I wanted the documentary to flow. I went through all of the footage I have and I re-arranged it in different ways and still, it wasn’t making sense. I have had a lot of deadlines this week and I have some more next week so my brain is just fried. Well, that is until I sat down with my supervisor Ian today.

During our meeting before the Easter break, myself and Ian spoke about what would be the best way to tell all 3 of the stories whether it be interlinking or separating each person into their own chapter. We came up with a storyline/story-arc in which I can now work from over the Easter holidays and prep for the screening where hopefully I’ll get some good feedback and be able to learn from the possible changes suggested.

story arc

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