As shown in my prototype, I want to incorporate old footage into the documentary. All of this old footage is on vhs taps which meant I had to figure out a way to get that footage into a digital format which I could then import into Premiere Pro! I looked into getting them professionally converted from vhs to dvd but it was working out too costly and the video tapes are not my property so I didn’t want to take the risk of something happening to them during conversion. And so, I decided to use the Telecine method. Telecine is the process of placing a camera in front of a projector or screen and recording the footage with a camera or other form of recording device. I set up my camera in front of my television screen and began to record the footage I thought would be useful within the documentary.

There was one major factor I had to be careful of and that was the different frame rates. If my camera and my television had a major difference in frame rates I would have had a problem with lines going down the screen on playback. Thankfully I didn’t come across this problem and I managed to get some really good footage which will add to the emotion of the documentary.

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