Lisa’s interview #3

As seen in my previous post, not everything went to plan but hey-ho, the show must go on! And so, I conducted the interview and I felt like this one went so much better than the previous two interviews I had done. I had asked Lisa if she would be okay with me going more in-depth into the story behind her dad’s death and how she was feeling during that difficult time in her life. There were moments where she got upset and needed to take a moment but it was at that point I knew I should probably step back a little and move on to a different part of the story as it was never my intention to cause upset or discomfort but in a way it was nice to see such raw emotion.

Even though I only had the one camera I wanted to get some cut-away shots of Lisa as she was talking my through her story and so I got some of her hand gestures as she spoke and also some shots as she was reading the letter her Dad wrote to her a short period of time before he passed.


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