After the crash – RTE Doc

I thought I was all “inspired out” at this stage but turns out, I’m not! I am getting more and more enjoyment out of documentaries now more than ever because I’m not only intrigued by the story within the doc but also the filming and story-telling techniques each documentary uses.

A few weeks ago I came across a documentary on RTE called ‘After the Crash’. This documentary focused on the hundreds of lives lost on Irish roads in 2016 alone. I was naturally interested in the stories behind each crash and the heartbreak left behind within the victims families but I was mainly focusing on was the way in which the interviews were conducted and the style of interviewing they used. It was evident that the words of the family members and friends were the most important part to this doc and that cut-aways weren’t used as band-aids throughout the 50 minute long piece. It was a simple 2-3 camera set-up in the homes of the victims where the families felt comfortable to talk about the devastating tragedies.


I started to think about my documentary and see if I had any similarities to this one. The answer is yes. Throughout this whole process my main aim to to make the audience feels something when watching my doc. I felt something when watching “After the Crash’ because it focused on a story and got rid of anything distracting which would take your mind off the main point of the doc, the story behind the deaths or these people.

I took inspiration from the simplicity of the interview set-up and seeing that you don’t necessarily need fancy shots to keep your audience involved, all you need is a good story that makes them feel something!

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