After Effects? Possibility?

During this semester we also have a module called Post Production Techniques. In this module we are learning different techniques using After Effects, a software I knew very little about before now! In last weeks lab we learned how to bring photographs to life using 2.5D animation. This was a technique I had always seen used in various news broadcasts and docs but never knew how they did it – Now I do!

This lab got me thinking about my own project and how I could possibly incorporate this technique within my documentary instead of stills in frames using a simple ken-burns effect (an effect we have seen done over and over again). I am already using some old footage for each interview but there are some events in life where maybe a video recorder wasn’t used but simply a camera. Why not bring these moments in life alive through the 2.5D animation?

I spoke to my supervisor Ian about this possibility and he showed me a really cool video called Four Tet: Looking Back, Moving Forward. This video was made up entirely of an audio only interview and still shots which the editor brought to life through 2.5D animation.


Now I don’t know if I would be able to pull it off as well as the editors in this video have but I want to keep it as an option if I feel like my After Effects skills strengthen over the next few weeks!

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