Mission – Prototype!

I have finally finished my prototype AND also came up with a name for my documentary! I am delighted to announce Deep Skin – Lisa’s Story ! This prototype is solely based on Lisa’s story as I thought that would be enough to show for people to get an understanding of what my project is all about!

I wanted to ensure I had a good story throughout this short piece so it made sense to the viewers watching. I didn’t include all of Lisa’s interview because that would have made it far too long and it’ll be something new to watch from Lisa in the final documentary! I included plenty of cut aways which while filming thought to myself – I’ll never need it! Turns out, I did! This was a huge lesson for me. You can never have too much footage because a shot you think might work as a cut away doesn’t look as good when it’s put in with the rest of the footage.

I found that the old footage I got from the VHS tapes was an amazing additive to the film. It added the personal touch and I feel like this will be the link for people to connect with Lisa and is what I plan to do for the other interviews too!

Now to complete my prototype overview document, the joys!

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