Experiment 2 – Lisa’s story


After taking the feedback on board from last week I decided to reach out to Lisa, a friend of mine who has a tattoo dedicated to her dad who sadly committed suicide when she was just 12 years old. She talks of what the tattoo means to her and how she felt for many years after his death.

When I presented this prototype video to Ian, Niamh and the other students in my group I got the reaction I wanted. Through Lisa being totally open and honest about her feelings and her tattoo, the people connected with her and got emotional when hearing of the sad loss of her dad. That is always my goal. Not necessarily to make people cry but to definitely make them feel some kind of emotion. If you don’t sympathise or relate to “character” then what’s the point in you watching it?

Now this is a very, very, very rough cut of what will be a more structured interview for the actual project but it was an opportunity for me to see what works and what doesn’t? What framing works? What type of filming works i.e. looking down the camera or looking to me as she talks? Is the lighting ok? Is the background ok? What about sound? Yes there are some technical problems in it but by seeing these now hopefully I’ll be able to rectify it by January!

One massive plus I took from this is the fact that after showing Ian and Niamh this prototype, they both have confidence in my ability as a filmmaker and believe I will be able to achieve my final goal of a great documentary.


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