Experiment 1 – Multicam

I was kind of lucky in a way this week as I had a lab with Ian that asked us to create a multicam clip from footage we shot together last Friday. Now some may say this was cheating, I say lets have less of that negativity please! Anyways, I thought this would be beneficial to me for many reasons

  • Firstly I had to understand the usage of multicam and how it works when it comes to editing. This is important to me as in most documentaries multicams are used to avoid a series of floating heads on screen!
  • Secondly I had to come up with a narrative in this lab, different to the other people in my group. I found this quiet difficult but managed to somehow make it work as there were parts of footage I could not use and I didn’t have cut aways, a learning curve all the same!
  • Thirdly, and finally, I got to use this footage then to mess around with different possibilities for introducing people on camera such as freeze frames and different tempo music which ultimately creates the tone!

Although it was said that I did a good job, I soon realised that wasn’t really the type of experiment I should have spent my time doing. Yes it shows i can use different tools in Premier pro but if I was to show another lecturer that short video, they would still be non the wiser to what my project is all about. – This is when the penny dropped!

I needed to be experimenting using actually people that are going to be in my documentary. People actually talking about their tattoo and the story behind it. Someone who talk for 2-3 minutes and manage to allow the viewers see what my final project should be like. I needed to be talking to more and more people for my project now and get prototype interviews with them that I can present in January and hopefully be able to inform the other lecturers on what my project is all about!

Here’s the experiment with multicam anyway, even though it’s not much use to me for my prototype, it still helped me get my head around important tools I will need to use in the coming months!



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