Understanding scar tattooing

As tattoos that cover scars was one angle I was going to use in my project I thought it was only right for me to understand the process and see if it is totally different when tattooing scar tissue compared to regular tissue. The answer is yes!


I came across this blog based Tattoo Artist Magazine where tattoo artist talk about their experiences, news in the tattoo world as well as answering some frequently asked questions people may have about tattoos. I had never really thought about scars other than mastectomy scars, cancer scars or possibly self harm scars. It was only after reading this blog I started thinking of other scars people may have that don’t stand out because they are so common like stretch marks. There is a whole world out there full of people with their own unique scars and most go unnoticed because they are so common but what we sometimes forget to think about is how some people still feel very self-conscious about them. It is for that reason that people reach out to tattoo artists for their help in covering up their scars or just to add a little colour to them.

This blog post goes into detail about the layers of the skin and how it is important to get a professional to do any tattoo, scar or no scar! They make it clear that yes, a tattoo will look different on scar tissue as the skin is so compact after healing back together making it even difficult for hair to grow back and that there is a higher possibility for the skin to reject the ink as it’s a much tougher surface.

He also mentioned some tattoo artists who are famed for their work with scars etc so I think I’m going to go have a look at some of their work and see what it’s all about!

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