The Vinnie Myers Team

In the previous post I spoke about a Tattoo Artist Magazine in which I came across a well-known tattoo artist who specialises in tattooing 3D nipples and areolae, Vinnie Myer.


I decided to research more about Vinnie as he seemed like the “go-to” man when it comes to cover-up tattoos! I visited his website The Vinnie Myers Team and from the outset I was blown away by the sheer talent he posses and his dedication to his job. He had first started out as a normal tattoo artist and was thinking of giving it up for a while when suddenly he began to notice there was something missing in the tattoo world, something that many people could avail of if need be. He began to study the art form of 3D nipple and areolae tattooing. More and more people started to book appointments with him wanting to regain some of their femininity having gone through a mastectomy and losing a nipple, sometimes both. The work he did for them was outstanding and it was clear from their faces in some of the videos how appreciative they were and how much it meant to them to finally feel “normal” again. He now solely focuses on this form of tattooing and has a very small team in which he trained himself in this specific tattoo form.

I always find things like this absolutely fascinating, how a lifelike tattoo can improve people’s confidence and give them back something they had once lost through a horrible battle in their life.


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