The most wonderful time of year!

As it is nearing closer and closer to Christmas I think it’s only right I acknowledge the amazing Christmas ads that have been rolled out this year. Some may say this has absolutely nothing to do with my project….they would be right, there is nothing about tattoos in any Christmas ad I have ever seen BUT they do somehow manage to melt peoples heart and bring on a flood of tears in which I am in awe of and definitely inspired by.

lidlad Lidl Ireland Christmas 2016

Everyone waits patiently for John Lewis to release their ad while holding a box of tissues but this year, Lidl Ireland bet John Lewis hands down. This is the perfect example of what I learnt from Michael Moore the other day, show people rather than tell them. At no point does anyone mention the passing of this mans wife, the mother of the people in the video and the grandmother of the children running around, they simply set-up a shot of a family eating around the table on Christmas Day with a vacant chair. As soon as we see this chair we know someone is missing without being told verbally. Then they have a fantastic way of lightening the mood by having this mans granddaughter jump up into the seat showing how even though some family members pass, the family continues to grow.

The one thing I would like to take from this is the ability to get people’s attention through a storyline and then hold their attention and hopefully they become emotionally invested in what they’re watching and empathise with the person they see. If I can capture a glimpse of emotion like this ad, I will be very happy 🙂

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