Instagram is the “go-to” place for the hottest trends and basically the place to find out what people ate for their dinner! As you work your way through all of the “Foodie” pictures you find the most amazing people to follow and pictures to like so I began to go after the tattoo world. I wanted to immerse myself in the world of tattooing as I don’y have many myself. I started by following Dublin’s most popular tattoo studios and had a look through there work, trying to find some possible stories for my project. It was also a great help when it came to being inspired about how I could set up different shots or the possibility of using a tattoo studio as one of my locations for interviewing.

Searching for tattoo stories on Instagram can bring up the strangest of pages, I found this out the hard way! There aren’t any pages or accounts that deal solely with personal stories behind tattoo’s. There are many accounts called “tattoo_stories” etc but they seem to have been created and then left to the side with not much activity or content. This gave me an idea. There is a gap out there for a social media account showcasing and telling the stories behind peoples tattoos! If you look at the hashtag #tattoo, there are 57,980,151 posts. I’m sure the people that have used this hashtag would also be interested in hearing the stories behind others.


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