Conducting the Interview

I always worry when it comes to conducting an interview mainly because I usually forget to hit record on the mic but also because I’m worried I will do something wrong or the person interprets it in the wrong way! So I decided to look at some Irish documentaries that were show on TV3 earlier in the year.


Adoption stories deals with personal matters and also shows people when they are emotional and expressing their feelings through their stories. I thought looking at this would benefit me not only to see the style of camerawork and shots they used but I also, how they approached personal questions and questions that may cause the person being interviewed to become upset or emotional. They did it quiet well, they allowed for some silence when speaking which allowed the interviewee to think about their answer and then add some more detail if they thought necessary.

The music in which they used was very tactical in a way which helped you to decide if it was an emotional scene you were watching or if it was a more up-beat happy scene which usually occurred when they were talking to the children etc.

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