Werner Herzog!

Another name that was mentioned during one of the Supervisor sessions was this man here, Werner Herzog.


He is well known for his off-the wall documentaries and his that are both brilliant and messy as he tackles some of the craziest stories you could imagine. Not only are the stories behind his documentaries amazing but the way in which he shoots them is even better. He has this amazing ability to zoom in on a person ever so subtly while interviewing them so a wide becomes close-up in a matter of seconds without you even noticing. This is a filming technique I have never seen in a documentary before. I find it quiet a risky shot because if you move or shake in any way you ruin the shot completely and end up having to ask the person to repeat themselves which could result in you losing the emotion in the story that was being told and the connection the person may have had at the time of telling the story.

As much as I think Werner’s filming technique is amazing when it comes to interviews, I don’t think I’ll practice it when it comes to my project if I do decide to do a documentary because I don’t think I would be confident enough just yet and I don’t want to jeopardise the emotion and connection I hope to have with the people featured in my project.

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