A question that had never crossed my mind but should have is “What kind of font should I use within my project?“. Obviously the font used within a project is not the most important thing but if I was to choose the WRONG font such as……comic sans (I know never to use comic sans), it would take the whole “Professional” look off my project, even to a person who doesn’t know much about design!

I have  always found Pinterest quiet helpful when it comes to finding inspiration for branding projects etc and so, that was my first point of call. I came across some amazing business cards etc with different types of font, some very traditional and others more modern and minimalist.

The tough decision is whether to go with the traditional, old school, tattoo vibe font and typography or go for something that maybe isn’t as harsh and obvious. All of this probably won’t decided until the final stages of my project but I think it’s always good to make sure I have put some thought into all aspects as I progress further along towards the final piece.

It is all well and good seeing what others have used for their logo’s and branding but I had to make sure there were fonts out there that were available for me to use when the time came. I used Fontsquirrel to search for some fonts I thought might work well with my theme and came across a good few that were similar to the traditional tattoo style but maybe not as bold and artistic.

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