Laurie and her Mam

On Friday I met up with Laurie, a girl who has agreed to be part of my project and share her story behind her tattoo on her arm. I was keen to hear more about her story and see her tattoo, a scientific formula which is placed on her forearm.


In this image you can see the scientific formula of an NMDA receptor. Laurie’s Mam was diagnosed with Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis 5 years ago and has gone through many struggles since. During our chat Laurie explained the effect this diagnoses had on her and her family and how they still continue to face many battles as there is no found cure for this disease. I found myself getting lost in the story and really empathising with her as she was still in school when her Mam got the bad news and she had to grow up pretty fast and begin to take care of her. As she continued to talk I found out that her Mam also has this tattoo and they now have matching ones which I thought would be a great angle to go for within my project and hopefully get her Mam’s side of the story too.

It was only after this chat I began to think of different ways I could approach my project and all of a sudden I was excited and determined to do a great project for myself but also for Laurie and her Mam as I found out there is virtually no support or funding for this disease because it is so rare.

When it comes to finding inspiration I find it very difficult for something to stand out to me and make me think wow, I love this and want to do something similar or better than this! I hadn’t had that moment until I spoke to Laurie, she gave me that bit of motivation to do well and really made me excited about my project and kicked off a range of ideas in which I plan to continue to work from.

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