Painting the town….all kinds of colours!

Making imperfections beautiful. Making what was once dull, colourful. Using art to create conversation amongst the people of Dublin. That is exactly what Dublin City Council have done in one of their new Beta Projects. They have decided to paint some of the 800 grey traffic boxes that are dotted around Dublin in an effort to get rid of the dull, depressing look of the current grey eye-sore. In their words – “From Grey to Glorious”

Dublin City Council Beta Project

I have seen these traffic boxes on numerous occasions and thought how wonderful they looked and have even taken pictures of ones that really impressed me in which I felt compelled to share them with my friends.  It wasn’t until last week I suddenly began to look at them in a different way, in a way that links in with my project. People get tattoos, pieces of art on their skin and they become a talking point for others. These newly painted traffic boxes are a talking point among the people of Dublin. For my project I am looking at the stories behind people’s tattoos. Did they get the tattoo in commemoration of a loved one? Did they get it so that people would ask about it and they could recall the story of the death of a loved one or explain their views on something that means so much to them, they got it etched in their skin? Is their tattoo covering up a scar? All of these possibilities link back to the same principle of these “grey to glorious boxes”. It is a focal point of conversation, they’re getting people talking, they’re covering up something that isn’t necessarily the prettiest thing to see, they’re improving what’s already there.

Maybe I’ve gone a little crazy but I certainly can see the link between both and it has definitely got my “inspiration brain” ticking over!!

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