Tattoo Documentary

You Won’t Regret That Tattoo

There are many documentaries about tattoos out there in the internet world but for some reason this one stood out to me. This documentary was one of the very first documentaries I watched when trying to come up with an idea for my project but back then I just glanced through it, not taking much notice of the composition or tone they wanted to set throughout. Every time I thought about a documentary this one kept popping back into my head so I decided to go back and re-watch it….. really good decision if I do say so myself!

Throughout the documentary we explore different people from different backgrounds and they tell us the story of when they got their first tattoo and what they think of it now, years later (in some cases). What was fascinating to see is how some of the people lived most of their lives without tattoos on their body and it was only later on in life that an event in their life triggered their want for a tattoo and they have continued to get some ever since. There is something very real about this documentary in my eyes. They’re not scripted nor false in what they are saying. The way they are introduced is creative and visually great, linking in with a “tattoo vibe” through the font they use.

The composition of each shot is perfect and adds to the whole tone of the stories being told. It is clear that the director wanted to stick to the typical “grungy” idea of tattoos and tattoo studios from back in the day with the lighting and backgrounds used to make up the composition which makes for a visually interesting film incorporating artistic skills too.

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