Scar Stories

Scar Stories


Inspiration overload is what springs to mind when I talk about, primarily a fundraising organisation that aim to raise awareness around young adult cancer and help the people who have suffered in recent times to learn to love their scars and not allow them to affect their daily lives. The founder, Jasmine Gailer, was told at the age of 22 she had a tumor on her knee and was subsequently left with a scar on her knee. This scar changed her as a person and she felt like she had lost a bit of herself. One day she decided to take a picture of her scar and post it online, the response she got was overwhelming and she knew she had just kicked off the start of something great and so she decided to develop a project helping young cancer sufferers that have scars, learn to deal with them and be proud of them. You can watch her story here about how she came to developing scar stories –  ScarStories – Jasmine’s Story

This project is showcased in the most amazing and effective way. They decided to get in professional photographers and photograph people with their scars and allow them to tell their story. the hardships they have faced, how they managed to battle through the tough times and how they continue to have a positive outlook on life. One story that stood out to me was a story about a 22 year old guy called Liam.

Liam was diagnosed with cancer from the young age of 18 and has been “chasing tumors around my (his) body” from that day on. He got the chance to speak about what he had always wanted to achieve but couldn’t because of his battle with cancer and spoke of his desire to have a legacy in which his family could be proud of and something to remember him by which is why he was so eager to take part in this photoshoot.

Sadly Liam passed away one month after these photographs were taken which is heartbreaking but is nice to know he got the chance to tell his story and leave something for his family to look fondly upon. There are many more stories like Liam’s that feature on this scarstories page and all have their own tone and unique story which I would hope to be able to achieve through my project.

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