Camper – Interactive Website

Camper FW16 Campaign

During last weeks supervisor sessions we spoke about being inspired by others and about looking at different projects and campaigns that have won awards or at least been nominated for an award! A website that was mentioned,, was very interesting and was where I found this really cool interactive website for Camper, a shoe and accessory brand that are contemporary and unconventional in their design. Their uniqueness is evident in their new campaign, a gender-morphing campaign which is showcased through this interactive website.

I hadn’t really thought much about doing an interactive website because I couldn’t quiet imagine how I could portray the different stories in an interesting and interactive way. Seeing this example of an interactive website has given me a few different ideas as to how I could possibly create something similar and create something that can continue to tell a story but in an interactive and effective way. The photography in this website and the transitions are also pretty cool as they continue with their gender-transition campaign in which each person represents a shoe and through the transitions on the website we watch the person warp into the shoe they represent. It shows me the endless possibilities there are when it comes to web design and also the addition of photography is very appealing.


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