When Day is Done – Documentary

When Day is Done by Brandon Roots

While looking through documentaries to try and get some inspiration as to how they direct and edit it to tell their story, I came across this documentary, When Day is Done by Brandon Roots. This is probably one of the best amateur films I have ever watched and I found it extremely emotional and touching which was achieved by not only the audio from the woman herself, Brandon’s Grandmother, but the shots that Brandon used to depict the story, his choice of cut aways and archived footage that his Grandmother must have had, was amazing and really helped you to understand the story better and feel sorrow and empathy for her. Yes there are many documentaries out there about people’s hardships and their journey of moving to a different country to start a new life but the way she tells her story is different to others. Her tone came across as she was putting herself into her memories right there. The way in which the story is told has your attention from the start and then when we get to the point of her talking about her husband battling dementia it takes on a whole new level of an emotional connection to his Grandmother and her true love, his Grandfather. There is nothing forced about this documentary which is what makes it enjoyable yet heart wrenching to watch. Brandon, as a director and filmmaker doesn’t try and pull on your heartstrings by throwing in unnecessary parts to their story or typical cut away of graveyards or his grandmother crying, he just allows her to tell parts of her life story and he then links them all together to make a beautiful piece of work. It is this kind of emotion and feeling I would hope to capture if I were to do a documentary for my project.

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