Clarification and Re-Direction

The one thing I look forward to/ worry about every week is the supervisor session with my fellow classmates, Niamh and Ian. Today was a day that the “worry” feeling set in because I felt like I had nothing to show them and that I was dragging behind everyone else because of my other assignments etc. Turns out, I’m not!

We began to talk about different ways of being inspired and how it’s not just about googling your theme title and hoping for inspiration to pop up in your browser window. We spoke about getting out there and getting inspired, going to different art museums, events that are being held that link in with our course and experiencing different ways people/artists/designers go about producing their final projects. It was good to realise that it’s not just “documentaries” or “tattoos” that I should be looking for but fonts that I could use for my poster which would have never entered my mind.  We also spoke about the importance of being inspired by the way different directors/writers tell a story, about how they set it up and create a narrative throughout. Again, none of these things would have entered my head to research, I was just stuck in a “tattoo documentary/article” zone and was finding it very difficult to pull myself out of it. After this meeting I am feeling much more “Inspired” and excited about my project knowing that there is a possibility for change and that I shouldn’t be fixated on what it should be like by the end of the year but instead what I can do to further my knowledge on the subject for now and work from there.

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