Mission : Inspiration

So now it’s onto the inspiration phase and I’m actually excited about this! I’ve been asked to go and watch documentaries, read articles, study other filmmakers and call all of this actual college work rather than just my average Tuesday night!

When thinking about my theme there was one thing I really wanted to try and get to the bottom of, people’s stories behind their tattoos and why they got them. I simply searched “Stories behind tattoos” and I came across this article


Now by no means am I saying I will create something like this, I know I will have to put a little bit more work in as this is simply just an article BUT I did want to go through articles like this to see if there are people out there with stories behind their tattoos and see how they went about telling their story. They talk to a guy that frequently gets stopped on the street and asked about the tattoo on his arm. He has a forrest of trees tattooed on his arm in commemoration for his late brother who loved spending time in the forrest. This is the perfect example of a tattoo that just looks like a bunch of trees to us but has a whole different meaning to someone else.  It was interesting to see how some had a very sentimental meaning to the person with it and felt they wanted to tell their story but then there are also some people out there that have tattoos that’s meaning may not be as meaningful but they feel it still needs to be told. It made me realise just because I may not find the stories interesting about certain tattoos, many others will and it’s important to share various stories, not just the ones that stand out to me.

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