Doing a bit of research!

Now that I have decided to focus on delving into the tattoo industry in Dublin and how the opinions and stigma surrounding it is continuously changing, I wanted to have a look and see what kind of work is already out there focusing on this topic!

This is a documentary I found that looks at the perceptions and perspectives of tattoos. In this doc we get to hear from an art historian about the ever changing opinion surrounding the ink and the differences that are within the tattooing industry. There were opinions from members of the public as well as experienced tattoo artists which I found very interesting! Not only did they go into tattoo studios but they also attended a tattoo convention that was taking place in London at the time of filming. There is no specific location set for this doc as we hear from tattoo artists from Switzerland as well as ones from the UK which is fascinating but if I decide to do a documentary surrounding this theme I think I want to focus mainly on Dublin as it’s where I live and where I am most interested in.

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