Supervisor Session numero uno!

So today we had our very first supervisor session! It was both scary and re-assuring at the same time! It was nice to be able to talk about our ideas and to get some feedback. Obviously there is still a lot more research to do but for now it was good to get the re-assurance that I am not way off the beating track with my idea and the theme I want to delve into! Another bonus to this session was that I got to hear my classmates ideas and see their thought process behind their decision of a theme and what interests them. One thing that was mentioned when I spoke about my theme was the idea of looking at the generation gap at the moment and how different generations have different views on most things these days and it could be very interesting to hear these views not only on Tattoo’s which was my original idea but their views on other things such as online dating etc.

I’m looking forward to the next session so we can look more into each theme and come up with different ways I could possibly approach it throughout the project.

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