Interactive Web Space

Coffee Surfing


This is an interactive web space which brings to life photographer  Gabriele Galimberti’s project where he goes on search for happy stories from hundreds of people across the globe while working with the international brand illy.

Such a simple idea to ask some people questions over a cup of coffee and get them to write their answer on the back of their portrait photo taken by the creative photographer. To share their stories of happiness with the world in a creative way.

From going through this web space I have learnt that less is more. A picture speaks a thousand  words and sometimes its better to let the pictures speak for themselves and maybe add a few sentences to add to it.

I have never really considered doing a website for my final year project but after seeing this website it has brought it to my attention that I could create a website that incorporates small videos or photographs which is my main focus.

This could definitely benefit me when looking for a job. I think something that is done to a professional standard and looks slick will definitely grab the attention of many web designing companies as well as productions companies if the videos I add to it are of high quality and interesting.

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