An Interactive Film

Coldplay – Ink – An Interactive Journey


The Interactive film I have chosen is this music video for Coldplay – Ink. This music video was directed, written and animated by a company called Blind. They also worked with Interlude as they are specialists in Interactive videos (Bob Dylan music video for Like A Rolling Stone).

This is an interactive story about a guy who is travelling to the ends of the world looking for his true love. Us as viewers get to decide which path he takes in order to find the girl or to find himself – deep, I know! As you go through this video and story there is almost a magical feeling which can all of a sudden turn quiet dark depending on which path you send him on. This is achieved by amazing animation and the use of vibrant colours which enhance the environment he (and you) are walking through.


After watching this video and interacting with it I learnt that us as viewers, enjoy having a say in the journey people take as we watch it. By creating an interactive video/film, you automatically make the viewer want to watch it again and again because they’re curious to find out if they had of chosen a different option, would the story have ended differently?

This film along with many other interactive films I have watched is attractive to me as an option for my final year project. Maybe not this exact video because my animation skills were never the best but I could possibly do an interactive, real life film. An example of that would be “Possibilia by Daniels” which is an real life interactive film where the viewer can determine a break up between a young couple.

If I was to do my project in a space like this, hopefully it would be a portfolio piece that would land me my dream job. I have always had a passion for film and editing and an interactive film would definitely push me to my limits when it comes to both of those. If everything was to go well and it turned out to be the project I had hoped for then maybe future employers in the film and post production industry would take notice.


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