An artistic installation!

In Order To Control – NOTA BENE Visual


This installation is so simple yet so effective! As people walk forward to read what is written on the ground they are suddenly distracted by their own silhouette reflected on the wall facing them, made up of the words of which they are standing on. As they move, the words move too.

What I have learnt from this is that you don’t have to do something over the top to make an impression. You see art installations like this all of the time. Some may have flowers on the ground where when you walk over them they move out of the way like a gust of wind has taken them.

This could be a really cool idea and theme to work with for my final yer project but I’m unsure as to how I would go about it. Although I have said that it doesn’t have to be big, it does however have to have a good meaning behind it and I would have to have a reasoning behind doing it other than just saying I thought it would look cool.

When it comes to my future after I leave college I don’t think this would  benefit me in the industry I want to go into.

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