A VR Reality Experience

Eden ‘drugs’ VR reality experience


I came across a website called VIRDEO which has tonnes of VR reality experience videos. Unfortunately I don’t have a VR Headset which meant I didn’t get the full effect of the videos but one of the few videos that still stood out to me was this ‘music video’ – “Eden drugs VR experience” by SAMO. It is described as a ‘Journey through geometric clouds and abstract landscapes’. 

After watching this I have learnt that firstly, not all VR experiences have to be filled with terror and an uneasy feeling. Anytime I have seen a VR experience advertised or spoken about through digital media, it is usually a game where you’re running from someone or a video where you’re stuck in a situation that terrifies you. This video is more emotive than scary. I would imagine that if I had the VR headphones on I would have been totally immersed in the video and music.

This project attracts me to work in this space because it looks really cool but when I think about it logically I know it’s not the kind of space I had planned to work in. Although I know I could possibly incorporate it into a film, I just don’t think I have the right skill set for this type of project and including it could cause me to fail.

Another reason I may not do a project like this is because I don’t know if it would have any major benefits to me when I go applying for jobs. Yes it would show another skill that I have but it might not be to the highest standard because of my lack of knowledge surrounding the software. This would mean I would be putting a project out there for future employers to see that I don’t feel is my best work or really shows my strengths and skills.

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