A visual design project

Game of Heads


I came across this project on Behance. This is a project where 30 different designers from different countries, created heads of the characters from the tv series Game of Thrones. They all used their own unique style and techniques to create their heads which lead to an amazing gallery of illustrated characters. Here are some of the illustrations

After looking at this project I began to stop focusing on my weakness as an illustrator or as an animator and notice that everyone has their own style. It doesn’t have to look perfect, that could be my style!

This project made me think of many different ideas surrounding illustration and graphic design. Something so simple yet so effective. I don’t know if I would definitely choose it as a theme/space for my project just because, as I have said previously, I am not 100% confident in my skill set surrounding a project like this and I don’t know if it would become too much for me.

If I did choose a project like this for my final year I do believe it would help me immensely when I leave college. Dublin is filled with graphic design companies that are thriving at the moment. The only thing stopping me is as I said, without wanting to sound like a broken record, I don’t know if it would be good enough to stand out!

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