Sooo….while doing some research and attending my supervisor sessions I began to think about video installations and how they could actually be really cool for my Final Year Project!

These are examples of the images I seen showing different types of installations in museums and art exhibitions. I thought it would be really cool if I could recreate something like this and have different interviews from the tattoo artists and people of Dublin playing on different screens while there is a dulled noise of a tattoo gun in the background. I think it would be really fun If I had all the videos playing at the same time but only one audio and that would make the viewers scan all of the screens to find which screen the audio was coming from, whose mouth syncs with the audio?


Tattoo Books – Maxime Buchi

Through doing my treatments and thinking of different ways I could approach this project I began to research tattoo books. Books that contain tattoo artists work and designs. I was surprised to find that there aren’t that many out there! One I did manage to find was this book by Maxime Buchi. This is a very visual book and is categorised by the different styles of tattoos he designed. This is not exactly the kind of book I was thinking of creating but it definitely helps with inspiration. If I was to go with this approach I would focus more on the tattoo artists themselves and their journey through the industry along with some interesting stories they may have from the many clients they may have had throughout their career.

Doing a bit of research!

Now that I have decided to focus on delving into the tattoo industry in Dublin and how the opinions and stigma surrounding it is continuously changing, I wanted to have a look and see what kind of work is already out there focusing on this topic!

This is a documentary I found that looks at the perceptions and perspectives of tattoos. In this doc we get to hear from an art historian about the ever changing opinion surrounding the ink and the differences that are within the tattooing industry. There were opinions from members of the public as well as experienced tattoo artists which I found very interesting! Not only did they go into tattoo studios but they also attended a tattoo convention that was taking place in London at the time of filming. There is no specific location set for this doc as we hear from tattoo artists from Switzerland as well as ones from the UK which is fascinating but if I decide to do a documentary surrounding this theme I think I want to focus mainly on Dublin as it’s where I live and where I am most interested in.

Supervisor Session numero uno!

So today we had our very first supervisor session! It was both scary and re-assuring at the same time! It was nice to be able to talk about our ideas and to get some feedback. Obviously there is still a lot more research to do but for now it was good to get the re-assurance that I am not way off the beating track with my idea and the theme I want to delve into! Another bonus to this session was that I got to hear my classmates ideas and see their thought process behind their decision of a theme and what interests them. One thing that was mentioned when I spoke about my theme was the idea of looking at the generation gap at the moment and how different generations have different views on most things these days and it could be very interesting to hear these views not only on Tattoo’s which was my original idea but their views on other things such as online dating etc.

I’m looking forward to the next session so we can look more into each theme and come up with different ways I could possibly approach it throughout the project.

Interactive Web Space

Coffee Surfing


This is an interactive web space which brings to life photographer  Gabriele Galimberti’s project where he goes on search for happy stories from hundreds of people across the globe while working with the international brand illy.

Such a simple idea to ask some people questions over a cup of coffee and get them to write their answer on the back of their portrait photo taken by the creative photographer. To share their stories of happiness with the world in a creative way.

From going through this web space I have learnt that less is more. A picture speaks a thousand  words and sometimes its better to let the pictures speak for themselves and maybe add a few sentences to add to it.

I have never really considered doing a website for my final year project but after seeing this website it has brought it to my attention that I could create a website that incorporates small videos or photographs which is my main focus.

This could definitely benefit me when looking for a job. I think something that is done to a professional standard and looks slick will definitely grab the attention of many web designing companies as well as productions companies if the videos I add to it are of high quality and interesting.

An artistic installation!

In Order To Control – NOTA BENE Visual


This installation is so simple yet so effective! As people walk forward to read what is written on the ground they are suddenly distracted by their own silhouette reflected on the wall facing them, made up of the words of which they are standing on. As they move, the words move too.

What I have learnt from this is that you don’t have to do something over the top to make an impression. You see art installations like this all of the time. Some may have flowers on the ground where when you walk over them they move out of the way like a gust of wind has taken them.

This could be a really cool idea and theme to work with for my final yer project but I’m unsure as to how I would go about it. Although I have said that it doesn’t have to be big, it does however have to have a good meaning behind it and I would have to have a reasoning behind doing it other than just saying I thought it would look cool.

When it comes to my future after I leave college I don’t think this would  benefit me in the industry I want to go into.

A visual design project

Game of Heads


I came across this project on Behance. This is a project where 30 different designers from different countries, created heads of the characters from the tv series Game of Thrones. They all used their own unique style and techniques to create their heads which lead to an amazing gallery of illustrated characters. Here are some of the illustrations

After looking at this project I began to stop focusing on my weakness as an illustrator or as an animator and notice that everyone has their own style. It doesn’t have to look perfect, that could be my style!

This project made me think of many different ideas surrounding illustration and graphic design. Something so simple yet so effective. I don’t know if I would definitely choose it as a theme/space for my project just because, as I have said previously, I am not 100% confident in my skill set surrounding a project like this and I don’t know if it would become too much for me.

If I did choose a project like this for my final year I do believe it would help me immensely when I leave college. Dublin is filled with graphic design companies that are thriving at the moment. The only thing stopping me is as I said, without wanting to sound like a broken record, I don’t know if it would be good enough to stand out!