Working to my strengths and working through my weaknesses!


As a fourth year Creative Digital Media student, there are many skills I have learnt over the past 3 years. Some I can put into practice quite easily while others I find a little more difficult. I have always considered myself strong when it came to film and editing. I enjoyed these modules and it never seemed like a chore when given an assignment. I thrived on them, I wanted to focus solely on those assignments and let the rest fade away. Of course I couldn’t do that if I wanted to pass the year but I definitely enjoyed them a lot more than some of the others. Although I say this is my favourite skill it does not necessarily mean that I am brilliant at it and everything I do surrounding it is perfect. I know that when it comes to creating a film or documentary I fall down on the sound and the colour grading. These are both very important elements when it comes to creating a film or documentary.

Over the years I have also enjoyed branding and design. I enjoy sitting down by myself and creating a new logo for a company or a business card etc. I enjoy the process of picking the colours and creating the branding guidelines. I enjoy making it look professional and having everything organised and in order. The same goes for web design. I am, by no means, the best coder in the world but I enjoy the end result when my design and work is up and running, available for everyone to see and interact with.

Having thought about my skills I have become aware of where I fall down as a creative digital media student. When it comes to coding and UX design, I am not as confident as I would like to be. There are certain areas in which I can handle but when it comes to Javascript I begin to struggle and fall into a state of confusion.

The same goes for sound and colour grading. I love films and editing but there are critical elements of these that I fall down on in which I need to improve on. Film and documentary are an area I am passionate about and definitely an area I am seriously considering working on so, in order for me to make my strengths even stronger I need to eliminate my weaknesses.

So as a recap for myself, here are my strengths and weaknesses :


  • Storytelling
  • Film
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Illustrator
  • Creating emotion through film


  • Coding
  • Javascript
  • Sound engineering
  • Colour Grading
  • Time management

Looking over these lists I can see where I need to improve in order to come up with the best project I can and hopefully over the next few months I can change some of these weaknesses into my strengths.

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