To film or not to film – That is the question!


Having started going through what I am good at and what I enjoy to do I have decided I really do want to focus on my filming skills and create a documentary. What this documentary is going to be about is still very much undecided.

I spent the day yesterday going through different ideas I had and trying to determine the pro’s and con’s of each. The questions I asked myself were

Is there a reason for me to do a documentary about this?

Why should it be me that makes this documentary? 

Am I being realistic about my abilities when it comes to creating a documentary?

Will I get the permissions I need to do this documentary?

A lot of these questions I can’t answer right now but I will continue to work through and try find the answers.

One of the main reasons I chose a documentary is because in an ideal world, when I graduate from college, I would love to step into my dream job of working in tv and film as a producer/director/camerawoman/editor and everything else that comes with being successful in the industry of film and tv. I know that this project is a way for me to show off my talents and will become one of the most important pieces in my portfolio that my future employer will judge me on.

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