Thought Process so far…

Since starting my journey through creative digital media 3 years ago I have always found myself gravitating towards film and video. During our talk with Daniel yesterday he spoke about how you should pick something that you enjoy doing, something you could be working away at for hours and not notice the time go by! That is how I feel about film, the process of recording it and getting the footage to the endless hours spent editing it and putting together a story for others to enjoy or connect with.

At the end of 3rd year we were told to have a think about what we wanted to do for the project and try and come up with different ideas during the summer so we had something to work with when we returned. Although I tried to think of a coding project or a design project my thoughts kept slipping back to my beloved film and video. I’ve had many ideas about different documentaries and short films but I keep thinking to myself – “You’ll never be able to do that on your own”. I need to change the way I am thinking about this. I need to believe in myself, try and focus on my strengths and put them to use. By no means am I the best camera woman in the world nor do I claim to be but in order for me to create a project I will be proud of at the end of this year I need to focus on the positives and tell myself that I will get better as the year goes on and that all these little things I am worrying about will seem silly this time next year.


I have always craved emotion when creating a film or documentary. Whether it be from the characters themselves or from the audience. To me, you haven’t done your best if you can’t see the change of emotion in the audience as you grab their attention through your piece of work. If there is no obvious change in emotion, was there a point in showing it to them?

So now it’s time to put the head down and study other peoples documentaries and see what is it they do to grab peoples attention and create the change of emotion! What it is I like and dislike about them and see if it gives me some inspiration!


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