Back with a BANG !!


That’s me, Laura “Forrest Gump” Byrne !

After yesterday’s briefing on what was coming our way this year all I could think of was RUN, don’t go back to college, stay in your little comfort zone outside of college, who needs an Honours Degree anyway??

Like everyone, I wasn’t looking forward to going back to college after the long summer and I certainly wasn’t looking forward to the workload that I knew would be thrown at me. I had heard the stories from previous 4th year students on how this is the toughest year and how no one can prepare you for it, after day 1 I am starting to fear they are right!

Although yesterday’s chat with Daniel was quiet daunting, it was exactly what we needed to get us back into the swing of things from day 1! He made it quite clear that if you put the hard work in from the get-go, it will pay off in the end. Although I had been told that every year and never took it on board, I am going to try my best this year and stick to it. As the saying goes

” Fail to prepare, prepare to fail “



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