Lots of little ideas!

So I thought I would compile a few ideas that just came to my head. I haven’t yet figured out exactly what medium they will be in or if they’re even possible but I will just throw them out there and see if anything comes of them!

  1. St.Francis Hospice – The Nurses point of view
  2. Arc Cancer Support – A little Haven of all things nice
  3. Tofa Celtic Handcraft – The people behind the craft
  4. Tattooed Dublin – It’s starting to grow on me!
  5. Raid my wardrobe – What’s mine is yours
  6. Snapchatting the snapchatter!
  7. The person behind the snapchat filter
  8. Doing it for us
  9. You me & little number 3!
  10. The Council
  11. Jenny Powell, Dublin 15’s most iconic woman!
  12. I told her to do it!

To film or not to film – That is the question!


Having started going through what I am good at and what I enjoy to do I have decided I really do want to focus on my filming skills and create a documentary. What this documentary is going to be about is still very much undecided.

I spent the day yesterday going through different ideas I had and trying to determine the pro’s and con’s of each. The questions I asked myself were

Is there a reason for me to do a documentary about this?

Why should it be me that makes this documentary? 

Am I being realistic about my abilities when it comes to creating a documentary?

Will I get the permissions I need to do this documentary?

A lot of these questions I can’t answer right now but I will continue to work through and try find the answers.

One of the main reasons I chose a documentary is because in an ideal world, when I graduate from college, I would love to step into my dream job of working in tv and film as a producer/director/camerawoman/editor and everything else that comes with being successful in the industry of film and tv. I know that this project is a way for me to show off my talents and will become one of the most important pieces in my portfolio that my future employer will judge me on.

Working to my strengths and working through my weaknesses!


As a fourth year Creative Digital Media student, there are many skills I have learnt over the past 3 years. Some I can put into practice quite easily while others I find a little more difficult. I have always considered myself strong when it came to film and editing. I enjoyed these modules and it never seemed like a chore when given an assignment. I thrived on them, I wanted to focus solely on those assignments and let the rest fade away. Of course I couldn’t do that if I wanted to pass the year but I definitely enjoyed them a lot more than some of the others. Although I say this is my favourite skill it does not necessarily mean that I am brilliant at it and everything I do surrounding it is perfect. I know that when it comes to creating a film or documentary I fall down on the sound and the colour grading. These are both very important elements when it comes to creating a film or documentary.

Over the years I have also enjoyed branding and design. I enjoy sitting down by myself and creating a new logo for a company or a business card etc. I enjoy the process of picking the colours and creating the branding guidelines. I enjoy making it look professional and having everything organised and in order. The same goes for web design. I am, by no means, the best coder in the world but I enjoy the end result when my design and work is up and running, available for everyone to see and interact with.

Having thought about my skills I have become aware of where I fall down as a creative digital media student. When it comes to coding and UX design, I am not as confident as I would like to be. There are certain areas in which I can handle but when it comes to Javascript I begin to struggle and fall into a state of confusion.

The same goes for sound and colour grading. I love films and editing but there are critical elements of these that I fall down on in which I need to improve on. Film and documentary are an area I am passionate about and definitely an area I am seriously considering working on so, in order for me to make my strengths even stronger I need to eliminate my weaknesses.

So as a recap for myself, here are my strengths and weaknesses :


  • Storytelling
  • Film
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Illustrator
  • Creating emotion through film


  • Coding
  • Javascript
  • Sound engineering
  • Colour Grading
  • Time management

Looking over these lists I can see where I need to improve in order to come up with the best project I can and hopefully over the next few months I can change some of these weaknesses into my strengths.

Thought Process so far…

Since starting my journey through creative digital media 3 years ago I have always found myself gravitating towards film and video. During our talk with Daniel yesterday he spoke about how you should pick something that you enjoy doing, something you could be working away at for hours and not notice the time go by! That is how I feel about film, the process of recording it and getting the footage to the endless hours spent editing it and putting together a story for others to enjoy or connect with.

At the end of 3rd year we were told to have a think about what we wanted to do for the project and try and come up with different ideas during the summer so we had something to work with when we returned. Although I tried to think of a coding project or a design project my thoughts kept slipping back to my beloved film and video. I’ve had many ideas about different documentaries and short films but I keep thinking to myself – “You’ll never be able to do that on your own”. I need to change the way I am thinking about this. I need to believe in myself, try and focus on my strengths and put them to use. By no means am I the best camera woman in the world nor do I claim to be but in order for me to create a project I will be proud of at the end of this year I need to focus on the positives and tell myself that I will get better as the year goes on and that all these little things I am worrying about will seem silly this time next year.


I have always craved emotion when creating a film or documentary. Whether it be from the characters themselves or from the audience. To me, you haven’t done your best if you can’t see the change of emotion in the audience as you grab their attention through your piece of work. If there is no obvious change in emotion, was there a point in showing it to them?

So now it’s time to put the head down and study other peoples documentaries and see what is it they do to grab peoples attention and create the change of emotion! What it is I like and dislike about them and see if it gives me some inspiration!


Back with a BANG !!


That’s me, Laura “Forrest Gump” Byrne !

After yesterday’s briefing on what was coming our way this year all I could think of was RUN, don’t go back to college, stay in your little comfort zone outside of college, who needs an Honours Degree anyway??

Like everyone, I wasn’t looking forward to going back to college after the long summer and I certainly wasn’t looking forward to the workload that I knew would be thrown at me. I had heard the stories from previous 4th year students on how this is the toughest year and how no one can prepare you for it, after day 1 I am starting to fear they are right!

Although yesterday’s chat with Daniel was quiet daunting, it was exactly what we needed to get us back into the swing of things from day 1! He made it quite clear that if you put the hard work in from the get-go, it will pay off in the end. Although I had been told that every year and never took it on board, I am going to try my best this year and stick to it. As the saying goes

” Fail to prepare, prepare to fail “